About Us

The GREY MAN TEAM is a group of specialized experts for a range of “secret services”. We offer these services exclusively to executives, entrepreneurs, managers, VIPs, and high value private citizens. We see ourselves as “fixers” who solve problems of our clients. You have a problem – we will eliminate the problem.
On our page SERVICES, you can find an overview of the kind of services we offer you. Our team will offer you custom services, tailored meet your needs, even if the solution to your problem is not explicitly mentioned, please CONTACT US ANY TIME.
GREY MAN is an independent company, licensed as a member of the Brillstein Security Group – top-notch security with 35+ years of experience. We are specialized in highly confidential and high-risk services. We operate globally.
If you have a problem, you cannot solve yourself, and you need loyal, reliable, professional and discreet assistance, we are ready and at your disposal.

GREY MAN with related services is a division of McLEOD & SHAW  global consulting and solutions provider. Find more info here.

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