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How to win in a Dirty Divorce Situation

McLead & Shaw - Divorce Tactics for men - why you NEED to give divorce a good thought!

As ironic as it may sounds: Christmas time and other family events are "high time" for disputes, separations, and divorce. Women, mothers especially, tend to have sky-high expectations that can hardly be fulfilled, and then suddenly all the problems that had festered for a long time,  break out all at once - and the big quarrel begins. This is very often the first step toward divorce, something the wife might have already had in mind anyway.

But it will not help to be sorry, angry, to feel lonely or sad if your wife leaves you or makes you leave... What you really need to do is TAKE IMPORTANT STEPS IN ORDER TO PROTECT YOURSELF. Don't get "slaughtered" by your wife and her divorce lawyer. You need to be the FIRST ONE to plan ahead when there's even the first inkling that a break-up might be in the cards. Don't talk yourself into something along the lines of "oh, she'll calm down, she doesn't really mean divorce"... Don't delude yourself. If it even COULD mean she MIGHT be serious, it's almost too late for you. This can louse up your life for good!

It's not really news: the divorce rate in Western countries is going through the roof. In Luxemburg and Belgium, the divorce rate is close to a whopping 90%, in Spain 65%, in France 55%, in Russia 51%. In the USA, it's still 46%, in Germany 44%, and in the UK 42%. While in South America or Muslim countries, divorce still is quite rare, and in the Philippines divorce is even illegal - it's quite obvious that as a man and husband in Western countries, when you get married, you better put money aside for a divorce lawyer right from the get-go... Chances are that you will need it sooner rather than later.

But even THEN - even with a good divorce lawyer - as a man, the game is rigged against you: the divorce laws favor the women, and even on a whim she can leave you at any time, she can make your life miserable, or have you kicked out of the house, and if she is evil enough, she can even get you jailed with just a little lie - battery, abuse, even rape. And she will take you for all you possess. That is THE LAW. It's against men. It's unfair, unjust, but all the complaining will not help you. You need to ACT NOW in order to protect you, your money, your job, your property, your car, your reputation, and last not least possibly access to your children. Start this process even when the word "separation" has not been uttered - once the fighting started between you and your wife, divorce IS A THREAT. You better believe that!

Here's an important FREE ADVICE - probably the most important you can get: DO NOT WAIT UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE. Start protecting yourself RIGHT NOW - if possible, long before there actually already is "divorce in the air". The later in the process of a possible separation and/or divorce you act, the worse it will be for you. And more expensive! Even though it is possible to salvage a really nasty situation, it will be harder and more expensive. If there's even the slightest chance that a bad divorce is within the realm of the possible or likely, you need to act IMMEDEATLY

Let our experience team counsel and guide you through the most important steps in order to save yourself from plunder. Please click the button below and use our contact form - a counselor will quickly get in touch and work out the best tactics with and for you. You, too, can learn how to fight back and WIN!

divorce tactics for men - Scheidungstricks für Männer

Overview - the most demanded service packages:
McLeod & Shaw Divorce Tactics for Men

ASSET PROTECTION – all the hassle, quarrel, hate and the fights that are typical for many divorces and separations  are bad enough. But don’t lose all your money, property, valuables, savings, and financial assets in the process, too. Yes, the game is rigged against you – your wife may hold the better cards. But we can show you LEGAL WAYS out. Our ASSET PROTECTION DIVORCE PLAN puts a few Aces back into your hands! 

CONTACT US NOW and ask for more info – we will solve this situation together!

REPUTATION PROTECTION – even though it might not be apparent on first sight: but your reputation is a highly important factor. A revengeful wife or partner can ruin your complete existence with just a few lies or indiscretions. She might inform authorities about “certain things” you’d rather keep confidential. She might accuse you of terrible things which are total lies. This can destroy your business, you can lose all friends and business partners, it might even end you up in jail. CONTACT US NOW and ask for more info – we will solve this situation together!

PRIVACY MANAGEMENT – the experts of McLeod & Shaw are highly-skilled and experienced security experts. We offer top-notch secret services with an experience of over 35 years. See the service overview here. We have a proven record of success – tested by journalists and TV docus – in the area of privacy management. This comprises not only “alibi services” but goes far deeper: second identity creation, safe house, deep cover, information services – you name it. If for any purpose you need “time out”, a totally protected and anonymous space for yourself, then lean on us. We provide the services you need. CONTACT US NOW and ask for more info – we will solve this situation together!

INFORMATION SERVICES – we are in the business of private information for over three decades. See the service overview here. Our intelligence experts, data analysists, investigators and undercover specialists will get any information you need – worldwide. If you already are in a realtion or marriage, and you need to know more about the woman in your life, her family, her past, her friends – we are the one-stop agency for all your needs. If you are PLANNING to enter such a relationship with a woman you know very little about, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you let us check her out. This will prevent many nasty surprises down the road… CONTACT US NOW and ask for more info – we will solve this situation together!

PROTECTION SERVICES – McLeod & Shaw is a licensed partner of Brillstein Security Group. One specialty is this international security company is personal safety and close protection. See the service overview here. It may sound a little far-fetched, but it happens far more often that the public realizes: men (husbands) are victims of domestic violence, too! In France, as one example, about every two weeks one husband gets killed by their females spouses… The public doesn’t want to know – the stupid feminism has taken over and destroyed much of the valuable family life. And men don’t tend to talk about them suffering from physical abuse, something which nasty wives use to their full advantage. Actor Roger Moore (James Bond) has been victim of battery by 2 of his 3 wives. He had the guts to go public with this.

So it’s not really all that funny: men DO NEED protection and assistance against violence at times. The violence or threat thereof could also come from relatives of the wife, friends, paid hoodlums etc. The other way is that the female claims to be victim herself and she only “defended herself”. And because of a totally crazy legal situation and hypocrisy in society, women tend to get away with such lies. 

We provide you with professional private security training in the field of self-defense (special training we use for our agents, learn defense in a very short time!), and  any protection service you may need. Also we counsel you on how to document the abuse you might suffer, so you can take action against the woman you is abusing you.  CONTACT US NOW and ask for more info – we will solve this situation together!

EMERGENCY DIVORCE SERVICE – you know the saying “it’s no use to close the stable door after the horse has already bolted”. There is that situation when it’s too late for preventive measures… the house is already burning, in a manner of speaking.

Now we’re talking about salvaging your assets, protecting your livelihood, ward off the lies, and turn the tables around. This is a very individual situation. It needs to be analyzed in-depth to find solutions that help you to get our from under the thumb of her divorce lawyer, the threat of losing visitation rights, and the danger of become nothing more than some kind of human ATM to pay alimony…

Don’t give up, no need to dispair. What is important, now more than ever, is to ACT and get counter-measures in place.

Let’s find the perfect strategies and tactics, and FIGHT BACK. There are certainly lots of questions, and the sooner we get to discussing your individual situation, the faster we can start changing your predicament and get the best possible solution for you! Please don’t hesitate to ask us. We guarantee you 100% confidentiality, and a professional and loyal service. Wer are on YOUR SIDE! 

CONTACT US NOW and ask for more info – we will solve this situation together!

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When the going get rough, the rough get going... one important rule: in order to protect yourself in a nasty divorce, do NOT wait. You need to act now!

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Grey Man divorce tactics - Scheidungstricks für Männer