PRIVATE INFORMATION SERVICES – our team members are trained intelligence experts and skilled Investigators. We acquire the info you need, and we assist in protecting your own data. We also offer information broker services, undercover, surveillance, deep cover operations and counter-surveillance, for executives, entrepreneurs and high-value private citizens. If you need information in any kind of private or business-related matters, trust our 35+ years of experience! We will acquire the info you need. We operate globally.   CONTACT US NOW.

PROBLEM FIXER – a fixer is an expert in problem solving, WHATEVER the problem may be. If any third party is causing you a problem which you can’t solve yourself, we can take over on your behalf. That problem could concern your business, your private life, or any other area. If you need support, do contact us any time. If anyone causes you to lose sleep, and the matter is important to you, ask the Grey Man fixers for their assistance. We will step in and fix your problem – our 100% confidentiality is guaranteed.  CONTACT US NOW.

BUSINESS SERVICES – McLeod & Shaw are your experts for international company registration including all pertinent corporate services – if you are looking for a safe, anonymous and secure company structure, let us talk. This can concern a better way of legally cutting down expenses, fees and other official costs, or expand your business in other countries. An entrepreneur might want to stay “in the background” and use our services. There many other possible situations where support of an assistant could be vital, such as negotiations with difficult clients, troublemakers, or in cases of legal dispute. You might need credit information on a debtor or client. Whatever services you need: . CONTACT US NOW.

THREAT ELIMINATION – if your safety is being threatened, or that of your family or business, we will assist in suppressing that threat. Our elite security teams deal professionally with fraud, threats of bodily harm, kidnap, extorsion, and general crime. Our negotiation teams and pressure group can take over in case of threats. We also offer top-notch protection services in case you need close protection or other form of safety measures. If you, your business or your family is in danger, contact us. Our experts are highly skilled security operators with decades of experience.  We will turn you, your home, your business into a “hard target” that will deter third parties . CONTACT US NOW.

ANONYMITY MANAGEMENT – for over 30 years, our team members have been experts in creating legal second identities with supporting documents, helping clients create a “clean slate” so they can start a new life – sometime in connection with our “witness protection service”. Our SAFE HOUSE service will allow clients to “disappear”, for instance when their life is being threatened. – This category also includes our “alibi service” if a client wishes some privacy and keep “nosy” third parties from snooping. There are situations in life when it is not helpful that other people know about your dealings. CONTACT US NOW.

SPECIAL SERVICES – these services may overlap with other categories. We offer a range of special services such as location people (skip tracing), high-risk debt collection, straw man business services, emergency extraction, anti-kidnap, hostage negotiation, travel security, crises management, repatriation of valuables (retrieving your property), high risk operations such as resolving abduction situation. This list is by no means comprehensive. WHATEVER service you need, contact us today, and we will have our experts work out the right solution for you! CONTACT US NOW.

NEGOTIATION SERVICE – this particular service often overlaps with other areas. There are situations, when it is helpful and even important to have an expert negotiator support effort to solve a situation or threat. This can be business related or a more private matter – such as a bad divorce. Sometimes an entrepreneur might need someone “to take the blame” for some mistake made, in order to resolve a dispute, or might need a reliable witness. Whatever the case may be, should you need this type of services CONTACT US NOW.


EVICTION SERVICE – if troublesome tenants don’t pay their rent, squat your property, cause damages and troubles, it will take lots of time and money if you choose to use a lawyer and the legal channels in order to get rid of such tenants. Our legal and loyal Eviction Service will take care of this for you.

REVENGE TACTICS – someone caused you grief and there’s no “regular” way to get satisfaction? Well… sometimes the right revenge tactics are the best way to get back at someone  CONTACT US NOW

PROTECT YOUR DRIVER’S LICENSE  – even if you are driving safely and responsibly, it can happen: you get “flashed”. The speeding ticket often is the lesser problem… but “losing points” – or in some countries it’s “collecting points” – can mean the risk of the dreaded driving ban… for several weeks, months or even years. If this is a problem for you, please contact us NOW – before this situation becomes urgent. We’ll tell you the right tactics and assist you when the need arises. But you should start with “preventive measures” right now. CONTACT US NOW 

DIVORCE STRATEGIES – only a few other situations in life are so stressful, painful and expensive as a divorce is… especially for men. Women are much better protected by the law, even when this seems unfair and at times inappropriate. This is why it is extremely important for men to plan ahead, take certain safety measures, and know and employ special divorce tactics when this need arises. We counsel you in all of these aspects – our divorce strategies will level the playing field. If you want to be prepared, if you need to protect yourself in the case of a “nasty divorce”  CONTACT US NOW

All our Grey Man services are customized for each client - all services are very individually tailored to your needs. Please regard the examples above just as an overview. The list is by no means limited to what has been stated above. If a specific service you are looking for is not listed on this site, please do contact us anyway - the GREY MAN team can work out exactly the custom service you need!

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