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With a first-hand experience of close to 40 years in international company registration and running such companies succesfully, as well as corporate services and all pertinent supporting services - such as virual office, address and phone services, nominee services and much more - the McLeod & Shaw experts are specialized in registering company worldwide with a focus of confidentiality and anonymity for our clients.
We will not offer you the run-of-the-mill company structure, that tax inspectors already know all too well... Because confidentiality is a very important aspect, we will not list our strategy on this web site. Our approach is a very customized, individual strategy for each client.

If you are simply looking for the cheapest way to register a very basic type company, we can do that too, but that is definitely not the best solution if you want to run a safe, securre, protected and serious business, and we certainly do not recommend that way. You should be aware of the pitfalls of using the "cheap way" - we guarantee you that if you follow our approach, you will not end up in all sort of problems as regards taxation, banking troubles, and other very serious problems.

Also, we are specialized in asset protection, for instance in the case of a "bad divorce" or if, simply put, you need a high level of anonymity and protection.
We register companies in basically any country and jurisdiction you need or want, however, we'd like to counsel you first on the best solutions in terms of legal tax planning, reputation, confidentiality. In Europe, for instance, there are better options to incorporate instead of the UK, Ireland or Germany, according to our own longstanding experience. Of course, all can be done, but you should find out what's best FOR YOUR BUSINESS!

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Corporate & Legal Services
International Tax Advice
Virtual Office Service
Nominee Services, if you need professional staff to protect your anonymity
Staff for live-contact, sales staff
and any service you are looking, even if not listed here

Before you register your company anywhere, do contact us and let us give you our take on your individual situation, and what we think would be the best solution for you to reach your goals. It makes an important difference exactly WHAT your goals are. Not every company structure will be ideal for your specific purposes.
We will protect your business, your assets, your anonymity - check our other business related services.

Contact us any time - we offer you a free initial counsel and analysis of your best options. We're looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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